Teach Geography Screenshot

Teach Geography is intended to be a teacher’s aid for elementary school students. It occurred to me that a lot of adults aren’t very knowledgable about the locations of today’s news. When the news discusses Iran in relation to Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s helpful to understand that they’re right next to each other, and share a huge swath of border. I realized that I’d have a much better knowledge of global geography if I had started at a young age.

It would be useful to have a simple, quick and relatable way to teach world geography to children, and that’s the goal of Teach Geography. A bunch of news-worthy locations and their forecast for the day are plotted on the map in an easy to navigate way.

I have no doubt that educators can come up with their own way to use this tool, but my vision was that they would have students come up at the beginning of the day and pin cut-out weather icons to a map, using a computer displaying this website as their reference. “Johnny, please come up and show us the weather for Cairo,” or whatever.

It might be fun to get kids to come up and play weatherman for the day - with this website and a projector you could display a map on the screen that they’re able to manipulate and show off their budding public speaking skills.

This tool is totally free, and I won’t put ads on it. My web hosting company is pretty great, so it doesn’t cost me anything to host this. Just let me know if you think it’s cool, and let me know if you want some other feature. I’d also be happy to host (or maybe even build) any related tools that you’d like.