An example graph

Relationship Graph is a graph entry and presentation tool. It can be used to enter data for, and display, any directed graph you can imagine. I wrote this so I could keep track of work projects, topics, teams, people, interested parties, and the relationships between them all - graphs were on the mind and it struck me as a simple way to represent all this.

It can be used for much more though. The descriptive website gives several use case examples.

Design requirements were:

  • provide a modifiable data schema, that translates into input form fields
  • basic usage and graph viewing must be simple
  • store data in an easy to understand, parse, and export way
  • send no data outside the user’s browser, so the tool can be trusted with sensitive data
  • can be used on any modern computer (this tool requires only a modern browser)
  • tool can be transferred onto and used in “air-gapped” restrictive environments