Python Course

A few years ago I had the pleasure of teaching a Python Course for programmers - folks who already knew some programming language, and maybe even a little Python. We worked through the syntax quickly, and got on to advanced topics and things they’d need in their very specific day jobs. This was a blast for me - I enjoy teaching folks things, and I enjoy Python, so everything about this was fun. I was invited back a second year, and again the students and I had a great time.

If you’re interested in using the materials, you can find links to all of it over on GitHub. This material was geared towards Python 2.

In spring 2020 I’m teaching a beginners programming class at Idaho State University, and the language we’ll use is Python 3. The professors there already have a great curriculum, but I’ve adopted it for an online course with auto-graded assignments. I’ll be covering one online section, and one in-person section at two locations (via video). No materials for that are publicly available, but if you want to take the course it’s CS1181.