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What in the heck?

This site combines weather data from important cities around the world with their geographic location.

Why the heck?

"But Karl," you might say, "it was pretty obvious what the purpose of this site was from the big map on the first page, and the weather display at the bottom of the screen. Why is this thing here?"

Well, it occured to me that a lot of adults I know aren't very good with world geography. This was definitely something missing from my education. I see news from Libya, Turkey, Israel, Afghanistan, Norway, Iraq, Beijing and Syria every day on TV, but it's not easy for me to point out where some of these places are. Other adults that I know are much worse than I am. Correlating news events with their location on the globe has helped me improve my world geography skills, I believe because it gives me some way to relate with that location.

I thought, if having something to relate to helps me learn world geography, how could someone help the next generation do the same. Stories of politics and war won't be as relatable to children as they are to me, but the day's weather could be very relatable.

How might I use this?

So, how could you use this in a daily lesson. I'm sure you've got a bunch of other stuff you have to teach these kids everyday - I remember elementary school...

Teacher FAQ/Discussion